Well, as the evening draws to a close and the morning begins, I stop to think about what I’m doing. Usually, when I get a lot of caffeine in my system, I take on projects. Normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I just so happened to take on the task of utilizing WordPress to become my comic site. I’ve been fighting this decision for some time, using my lack of php knowledge as an excuse to just keep my site coded by hand. Well, this summer I taught myself a lot more of the php scripting language, and as such, couldn’t use my tried and true excuse any longer.

I plunged into it, thinking that I would most certainly regret my decision when sleep decided to take over.

Not so. I’ve got the main page completed, and it’s looking quite spiffy. Now I’ve got my tweets on the right hand side, and the blog section below. It’s all integrated quite nicely and I kind of have to thank all the websites and books I’ve read on this stuff. IT. HAS. PAID. OFF.

But anyway, it’s all about transitioning these next few days. I plan to get everything ready to go and operating in place of my old set up. Of course, there will be problems, such as redoing all the side pages and making sure the css for that matches the blog. But it’s nothing that a spot of caffeine can’t fix.


Ok. Time for a little bit of ranting on my part. As you may or may not know, I spent a lot of my free time analyzing the whole web 2.0 thing, and the “new media” that has sprung up from it. I read whatever Kent Nichols, Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte, or any of those guys say on the matter and I take to heart what they do, because it works. It might not work forever, but as of this moment their way is THE way to do media on the web. And as far as I’m concerned, everyone else has a long way to go to catch up / figure out what the hell is up. Here’s hoping they do before the next big shift in media.