Hello, folks. Got some stuff to throw your way. First thing’s first: the update schedule. I’ve decided to stop being a lazy ass bastard and update my comic more. Thus, three times a week you’ll be able to get Hilarious Henry goodness. I hope, and pray, that I don’t putz out three comics in and go back to waiting months before updating. That said, I’m going to need some help from you, the audience I think I have.

I’d like you to check out the vote buttons on the right hand menu and vote for my comic every time you possibly can. The goal here is to get close to #1 and to develop a much larger audience base. You’re able to vote every 24 hours, so keep that in mind. What this will do is encourage me (see: force) me to update more and to deliver more Henry content to the world. This story arc is going to get interesting really fast, so more releases mean that the story can be told faster.

Also, if you check out the comic and like it, or even have something interesting to say about it, please post a comment. I like having a dialogue with my readers and will respond quickly when I see an e-mail saying I’ve got comments! So, talk to me, people!

That’s all for now. See you all on Wednesday.